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Technology Addiction & Our Youth

This webinar explores the inner terrain of today’s children & adolescents, and how their relationship with technology can become addictive. Now, due to the increased isolation brought about from the pandemic, addiction and mental health issues related to tech have skyrocketed. Find out what parents and professionals can do.

Joy of Reading

Open your child’s mind to endless possibilities through the power of reading. Reading Changes Lives. It sets your child’s imagination free, taking them to faraway lands and teaching them to see the world through the eyes of others. For all children, reading can be fun. And what begins with fun can open the door to empathy, creativity, critical thinking, and so much more.

Webinar Recording Part 1

Turning the Page: Getting your child to read isn’t always easy. Books don’t offer the same kind of instant, interactive satisfaction as YouTube or video games. This workshop will show you how to overcome that struggle and make reading a fun, family-friendly activity.

  • Change your child’s attitude towards reading and make it a stress-free experience.
  • Get our personally curated list of suggested books for all ages and reading levels.
  • Give your child role models through books starring children with learning disabilities.

Webinar Recording Part 2

Diving Deeper: It’s one thing to read the words, it’s another to understand their meaning. In our second workshop, we’ll explore advanced techniques for teaching your child how to engage with the stories they read – then begin to create their own.

  • Expand your child’s awareness of printed language and ability to read reflectively.
  • Show your child how to use what they read to become more creative themselves.
  • Bring a pen and paper for you and your child to do some writing of your own!



Online Gaming: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

This webinar will be of interest to parents, teachers, and anyone who interacts with children and teens on a regular basis.


Topic: Dr Derevensky discusses the positive and negative impacts associated with youth gaming and the typical characteristics and risk factors associated with youth problem gamers. He provides parents with strategies to assess when gaming moves from a recreational activity to a problem behavior. As well, Dr. Derevensky addresses parental obstacles, challenges and strategies in working with youth with gaming problems.

Online Learning During COVID-19: Anna Marczewska Webinar

What Do You Do When Your Home Suddenly Becomes Your Classroom

Although the webinar is geared towards students, it can be of benefit to parents, teachers, tutors, and others who are in contact with the targeted student population. For most senior high school and post-secondary students, online learning is not something they have chosen, but a necessity imposed on them.

Some students thrive in the online environment; others say that sitting alone in front of a screen all day zaps motivation. Successful online learning depends on two, equally important factors: what teachers bring to the virtual classroom and how well students can adapt to this new situation. Academic success in these challenging times requires a new skill set.

What kind of an online learner are you? Do you have the necessary skills to be successful in your online courses? Are there resources and tips that could be helpful to you?

This webinar will provide students in Secondary 3,4 & 5, Cegep, and university with strategies regarding:

  • Motivation and attention Study skills and organization
  • Physical and emotional well-being
  • Handling group work
  • Social media safety and netiquette

Improv for Happiness – An Albert Nerenberg Webinar

The Science Of Fun Applied

The Pandemic forced us all online for better or worse. What if there was a way to make online connecting fun, joyful, and energizing?

Improv for Happiness is a new technique that marries the energies of improv and laughter with an effective online style that works.

It’s easy and it builds focus, good feelings, and connection.

Expect to learn some new online connection and energy skills in this workshop directed by Laughologist and Filmmaker Albert Nerenberg (Laughology) and Energy Medicine Expert Sarah Knight.

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Does My Child Have ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities? | Linda Aber Webinar

This webinar was specially created for parents. Does your child struggle with math, or reading, or learning new things? Do you find that your child has a very short attention span? It can be normal for children to struggle with certain things, while do well with others. It can also be a sign of Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and/or learning disabilities. In this webinar, Linda Aber explains what signs to keep an eye on if you have such questions.

Leading Our Children Back to School

This webinar will be of interest to parents, grandparents, early childhood educators, teachers, and anyone who interacts with children on a regular basis.

Topic: How can we lead our children back to school amid all of the changes COVID-19 has brought? What do we do with their worries (and ours), as we face uncharted waters? How do we prepare them for physical distancing and other new regulations that schools will have to impose? This webinar will address these questions and more. It will help parents to take the lead with their children and give them some tips for managing the emotions and behaviours that will arise as a result of this new way of being in schools.

Please note that this presentation will NOT deal with the medical aspects of COVID-19, nor specific rules in each school. Rather, it addresses the emotional needs of our children as we prepare them to re-enter school.

Leading our Children back to school [PDF]