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Get ADD-ucated: Adult ADHD Support Group Program

Because you’re in the driver’s seat, not your ADHD
It’s Time to Embrace Your Gifts

Changing Your Perspective on ADHD

Fidgeting, difficulty concentrating – those are the things that people often associate with ADHD.

But there’s so much more to it than that – whether it’s natural leadership, creativity, or expressiveness, there’s a positive side to ADHD that’s often overlooked or forgotten.

Working in a small, friendly group, you’ll be guided on how to manage your ADHD. Together, you’ll learn how to make the most of your natural skills while being introduced to strategies that will help you manage your time, keep calm and control your reactions, and build deeper relationships with the people around you.

Your Coach: Linda Aber

As a mother of two adults with ADHD and LD, Linda knows the challenges and heartwarming fulfillment that come from raising children with learning disabilities. Since 1996, Linda has worked with more than 3600 families, and she’s certified as an Attachment Parent Coach, Nurtured Heart Approach® Trainer, Theraplay® Group Specialist, HeartMath® Anxiety/Anger Reduction Practitioner, and Family Life Educator.

All of that education and experience is funneled into one goal: empowering you with the skills you need to become a positive difference-maker in your child’s life, so that they can reach their full potential as a confident and independent adult.

To register for groups or for more information contact Linda Aber at 514-487-3533
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