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CYBER K.I.D.S. Program

Helping Your Child Build Connections While 
We’re Apart

CYBER K.I.D.S. – A New Way to Get Social

Online Activities for Kids Aged 6-16 with Learning Disabilities, ADHD or Mild Autism

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, staying at home is an important part of helping you and your family stay safe. But all that time at home has probably got your child feeling more than a little restless, and that’s where CYBER K.I.D.S. can lend a hand.

Featuring a blend of themed activities, socialization, and body breaks, CYBER K.I.D.S. gives your child something to look forward to in their weekly schedule. It’s their chance to talk, play, and be active, all while learning new skills, making new friends, and building up their confidence.

How does it work?

CYBER K.I.D.S. is a 10-week program that includes one 45-minute session each week, and the program costs $75. The program is delivered entirely online, so the only things you’ll need are a good internet connection and a free account for the video meeting program Zoom.

More Than Just Fun 
& Games

Socialization From the Comfort of Home 

At MCLD and other organizations, you may have heard people talk about “socialization” for your child. But what does that actually mean?

Socialization is about giving your child the communication and relationship-building skills they need to find fulfilment in school, at work, and in life. At CYBER K.I.D.S., we create a safe environment, one where children can make friends, learn together, and develop a healthy sense of confidence that they’ll carry with themselves for life. 

With a different theme for each weekly session, CYBER K.I.D.S. will introduce your child to new information and ideas while giving them an opportunity to use their voice and express themselves, all within the familiar and comfortable environment of their home. Plus, with reflection time and light exercise, it’ll help your child feel refreshed in both mind and body.

What You Can Expect

After registering, you’ll gain access to our online CYBER K.I.D.S. platform. It has full instructions and session breakdowns that will guide you on how to prepare your child for each of their weekly CYBER K.I.D.S. sessions. A session usually follows a structure like this:

  1. Introducing the theme of the week
  2. Explaining more about the theme and why it’s important
  3. Exploring the theme through activities
  4. Learning together with social time
  5. Winding down and reflecting
  6. Finishing up with stretching and light physical activity

Your Program Coordinators

Hana MacDougall

As a clinical researcher, Hana is focused on empowering parents of preschool-aged children. She wants to find the best ways for parents to recognize if their child is showing early signs of having a learning disability, and – if so – educate parents on how they can get support. 

Hana is a huge proponent of volunteerism and service to the community. Through her work with special needs children, she’s shown parents the value of positive play, and helped countless children improve their communication abilities and fine motor skills through art and recreational activities. 

Since 2015, Hana has been involved with the MCLD Aqua K.I.D.S. program. She also volunteers for the NDG Lions Special Olympics soccer program and is certified as a Special Olympics Community Sport Coach.

Christopher Simeone

Having graduated from Vanier College’s Special Care Counselling (SCC) program, as well as McGill’s Inclusive Education program, Chris is a specialist on special needs and believes that everyone is capable of achieving as long as they are given the tools they need.

Initially diagnosed with a speech disorder at the age of 3, and later diagnosed with a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) at age 7, Chris struggled with school and social interactions. Growing up, he made it his mission to show and teach others about empathy and understanding, as he knows the struggles someone can experience both emotionally and socially.

Chris has been active in the field of special education since 2009. He’s currently a Special Ed Technician for the English Montreal School Board, a Learning Facilitator for Special Olympics Quebec, and coordinator of the NDG Lions Special Olympics soccer program. Chris is currently also developing more programs for the MCLD that will reach out to the youth population. One being the new CYBER K.I.D.S. program and a social support network.


Make CYBER K.I.D.S. the highlight of your child’s week

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