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FREE Parent Support Group

Our Free Parent Support Group provides a safe place for parents of children & adolescents with ADHD, LD & Mild ASD to become empowered.

You are NOT alone.
  • Explore up-to-date knowledge & effective parenting strategies.
  • Gain support, insights & encouragement to help your family, as well as yourselves, be the best you can be.

Upcoming Events

MCLD Free January ZOOM Parent Support Group

Parenting & Regulation Monday, January 17th 7:00pm-8:30pm with Linda Aber.

  • Behaviours from our children can be very triggering resulting in us flipping into a reactive state.
  • Responding is like an art form to be practiced over time, an important learning for us as well as our children.
  • Join us for a discuss & learn tools to help.

MCLD Free January ZOOM Parent Support Group

Is Your Child or Teen Struggling with Anxiety? Monday, January 31st 7:00pm-8:30pm with Linda Aber.

  • Everyone experiences anxiety on some level.
  • Some is normal, but toxic anxiety can cause havoc in the lives of those we love.
  • Join us for a discussion on managing anxiety & strategies to help.

MCLD Free February ZOOM Parent Support Group

Self-Care: The Gift that Keeps on Giving Monday, February 21st, 7pm-8:30pm with Linda Aber

  • Self-care consists of different approaches that are unique for everyone.
  • Join us for a discussion focusing on a plan that will improve everyday life today & for the future.