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We’re The Montreal Centre for Learning Disabilities (MCLD)

Our Role? Providing Support and Information for People with Learning Disabilities
What Do We Do?

We’re Here To Make Things Easier For You

It doesn’t matter if you’re a child or adult with learning disabilities, a relative of someone with a learning disability, a classroom instructor, or an employer; when it comes to learning disabilities, we have one purpose – to listen, understand, and inform.

That happens through programs and services designed to help people with learning disabilities –

whether they’re adults or children – get comfortable with themselves and learn to navigate the world around them. Through scientifically-backed strategies and decades of experience, we provide valuable skills for home, school, work, and life.

But it’s also about more than just individuals with learning disabilities –

it’s about the people around them and society’s understanding of what it means to have a learning disability. We know that parents, educators, and organizations are looking for guidance and clarity, and we aim to provide it.

At the end of the day, it’s simple. When there’s greater awareness, education, and accessibility around learning disabilities, everyone wins.

Who Are We?

Volunteers. Ambassadors. Montrealers.

The work of the MCLD is only possible because of the selfless efforts of volunteers from the community of Montreal. While some are students in high school and university, bringing their enthusiasm and youthful energy to our programs, our volunteers come from all walks of life, donating their knowledge and time to a cause that has touched their hearts.

But regardless of their age or job, all of our volunteers are community leaders, spreading the MCLD’s message of greater support and education around learning disabilities within Montreal.

Leading the Way

Our Board of Directors

Sana Nakhleh


Alice Havel


Lisa Wolanski


Pam Wener


Caroline Rousseau

Executive Secretary

Kendall Tilton


Nancy Feddersen


Cindy Blauer


Barbara Bobrow


How Did We Get Here?

From Parent Meeting Group to Official Charity Status

The MCLD’s journey started more than 40 years ago with a small group of parents.

The school system simply didn’t understand how to help their children, and without that support their children were struggling.

Inspired by what she saw happening at the Ontario Association of Learning Disabilities, Ellen Sabin sought out the knowledge of learning disability experts from across the country. With their guidance, she joined together with 13 other parents to create the Quebec Association for Children with Learning Disabilities (QACLD).

Over the years, the Montreal-Laval Chapter evolved, taking on the name Montreal Chapter 1 to honour its lengthy heritage.

It worked to host major conferences with international experts, and develop programs like The Ambassadors and AQUA K.I.D.S. which continue to this day.

To better meet the needs of the community and the organization, Montreal Chapter 1 decided to strike out and forge its own path in 2013, proudly becoming the Montreal Centre for Learning Disabilities. We continue to carry the torch that those parents lit all those years ago, working wholeheartedly to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.

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