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Real Change Starts With You

Learn how your organization can create a supportive, accessible environment for people who have learning disabilities
For Educators and Professionals

Calling all educators, professionals, administrators and employers: it’s never too early or too late to bring awareness and accessibility to your school or organization. Get informed today.

Understand How Your Organization Can Make A Difference

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Whether you’re a teacher, an administrator, a manager, or an executive, you have the ability to make your organization a more inclusive and accommodating place for people with learning disabilities – both as clients and employees. But it can be difficult to know where and how to start making changes, and that’s where our Ambassadors can help.

Speaking directly to you, or presenting to a larger group of people from your organization, Ambassadors’ use their stories to create empathy and human connections. People can often feel uncomfortable or apprehensive about learning disabilities, and that’s why putting a face to an issue and making it relatable at the individual level is so important for changing how people in your organization view learning disabilities.

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The MCLD regularly hosts community events and conferences, bringing some of the world’s leading experts on learning disabilities to Montreal. Get answers to your questions from top researchers, check out some of the newest accessibility technologies, and meet members from all around the community who are working to support people with learning disabilities.

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It’s Time For Organizations To Rethink Learning Disabilities

It all starts with you and the people in your organization. Help us reshape Montreal into a leader in accessibility for people with learning disabilities.