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Work Hard. Learn Hard. Play Hard.

From sharing knowledge to building bridges, our events bring people together.

The People Puzzle Presentation: Bridge the Gaps of Communication at Home and School

Event Type: Free Zoom Webinar

Speakers: Monique Caissie

Date: May 04, 2021 at 8 pm EST

Monique Caissie is a Family Life Educator and  a Certified Human Behaviour Consultant . As a person  with ADHD for most of her life, she found relationships confusing and often hurtful. When her daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, she became her advocate with doctors and learned to navigate the school system. This journey included her own diagnosis. Drawing from 30 years of crisis intervention, she is a Professional Speaker and Communication Coach.

Topic Summary: Monique will share the DISC Personality Styles which show behaviours to elicit better collaboration and outcomes from those we can’t or shouldn’t  avoid.

It’s Never Too Late!

Event Type: Free Webinar

Speakers: Desirée Chaker, and Pam Wener

Date: May 18, 2021 at 8 pm EST

About Desirée Chaker

Having been diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 27, Desirée has spent decades advocating for people with learning disabilities. After graduating from Concordia University as a Family Life Educator, she was chosen by the provincial government in 1999 to design Quebec’s first service program for adults with learning disabilities, and she’s been tirelessly working to build awareness and help people who have learning disabilities overcome the difficulties they face.

About Pam Wener

Pam Wener has a BA in Early Childhood Education. She is a now a retired early childhood educator who taught for 3 decades. For the last 14 years as a Certified Laughter Leader with the World Laughter Tour, she has been leading workshops on the health benefits of laughter. Additionally, since 2013, she has performed stand up comedy at open mikes in clubs around Montreal. Pam has been a dedicated volunteer of MCLD for 27 years, and is currently the Vice- President. She is also the married mother of 3 adult children.

MCLD Social Activities

There’s more to the MCLD than knowledge and education – we also know how to have fun! From horseback riding and bowling, to barbecues and games, it’s a chance for the parents and children in our programs to sit back, let loose, and enjoy being a part of our big MCLD family.

Annual Fundraiser

Get ready for a night of side-splitting entertainment! Bringing together Montreal’s comedy enthusiasts, some of the province’s rising comedy stars, and just a dash of boozy goodness, Montreal’s famous Comedy Nest plays host to a night of raucous laughter and fun.