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Teach your child the magic of storytelling and self-expression through stop motion, illustration, podcasting, and more!
  • 10-15 Spots for kids ages 9-13
  • August 19th – 23rd, 2024, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM ( Pick-up by 4:00 PM )
  • Registration closes on August 1st

Everyone loves
a good story.

And that makes storytelling one of the most valuable things a person can learn to do. It’s a way to make friends, open doors, or even completely change someone’s perspective.

Jointly hosted by the MCLD and Working On It, STORY WEEK is about letting kids discover new ways to express themselves and their ideas. Not just with writing, but through visual and spoken mediums, too.

Key Program Details

Running from August 19th - 23rd
10-15 Spots for kids ages 9-13
Led by two experienced youth educators from Working On It
Drop-off at 8:30 AM, Pickup by 4 PM
Location TBD

Their stories,
told their way.

Say it. Sing it. Show it. Maybe even symbolize it. That’s the beauty of expression. There are so many ways for a person to tell a story, and we want to introduce your child to as many as possible.

STORY WEEK will let them experience storytelling in a new way each day, from more traditional mediums, like illustrations and fairy tales, to alternative ones like podcasts, art installations, and stop motion videos.

A meaningful March break.

They could spend a week gaming, streaming, or surfing social media. Or they could…


Maybe they’re shy. Or maybe they don’t always know what to say. We’ll work on it!


Understanding the feelings and motivations of others is a key part of telling stories.

Make social connections.

In a group of just 10-15 kids, everyone will feel like they’re part of the action.

Experience new
creative arts.

It’s a chance to try the methods pros use to create movies, podcasts, and more.

Claudine Lapointe

You can hear how engaged the kids are.

Claudine Lapointe
Claudine Lapointe

You can hear how engaged the kids are.

During the peak of COVID in 2020, like most parents I was struggling to find activities for my boys and even more so for my son. I came across the website for The Montreal Center for Learning Disabilities and a new program they were creating given the circumstances, called Cyber K.I.D.S. 

I figured we had nothing to lose by trying it out and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made for social networking for him.

Cyber K.I.D.S has become a weekly event in our home and my son is always ready and motivated for each session. We have participated in every session since the first one in 2020 and there are familiar faces and new friends each time. The staff is awesome to say the least. They are motivated, energetic, prepared and always have fun facts to share and you can hear how engaged the kids are. The counsellors are very committed and the kids get the chance to thank them at an in-person event at the end of almost every session.

Cyber K.I.D.S is a place for my son to hang out with friends on a school night where he feels completely accepted by everyone in the group. As a parent, I am very grateful to the team for creating this social space that allows my son to develop and practice his social skills.

Thank you to the entire Cyber K.I.D.S team,

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First priority for children with LDs.

The camp is open to all kids ages 9-13, but – as an initiative offered by the MCLD – priority enrolment will be given to children with learning disabilities.

Your Camp Guides


My name is Heather (she/they) and I am a youth and community worker based in Montreal.

My superpower is breaking down big ideas and teaching them back incorporating art, literature, and community.

As the founder of Working On It, I collaborate with youth and youth-centered organizations in creating information-sharing and skill-building workshops to support your program’s goals.


Hi, I’m Tanna!

Once upon a time, I was a camp director building programs and curriculum for the YMCA/YWCA. These days, I’ve leaned into my passion as a filmmaker, theatre creator, and improv coach.

My journey has blessed me with the opportunity to work with people from a tremendous variety of ages and backgrounds. Those experiences have shaped who I am as a guide and creator, and I’ve poured all of it into making STORY WEEK an experience that our budding learners will carry with them for life.

A space to free their creativity.

With a full stage, props, lighting, and more, Mainline Theatre makes the experience extra special.

It’s like a supercharged version of drama class. A welcoming, open space where your child can get familiar with brand new forms of expression — and then put their own spin on them.

Unique experiences.
Every single day.

Mini Morning Film Festival
Active Drama Exercises
Hands-On Technical Mentorship

Some useful things to know.

Heather and Tanna from Working On It are leading the camp, so we encourage you to send any questions you have to camps@workingonit.info. You can also visit storyweekcamp.org for more details on the camp.

You should pack a lunch for your child to bring. They’ll have time each day to eat while enjoying an hour of free time or extra media exploration (like watching a movie or listening to a podcast).

We’ll get back to you no later than 3 or 4 days after we receive your child’s camp application. Payment will only be due once you’ve received confirmation from us.

We’ve set aside a special period on the final day (4PM to 5PM) of the camp for participants to proudly share their creations with parents, guardians, and MCLD staff.

As a part of the $80 enrolment fee, you’ll receive a 1-year membership ($30 value) to the MCLD. It includes discounted access to programs like Aqua K.I.D.S. and Turn Down the Anxiety as well as our online webinar library. Already a member? Your subscription will be automatically extended!

We’ll make every effort to ensure all participants feel welcome and included in the activities. Oftentimes that means collaboration, but if a child is happy working on something by themselves, we’ll always respect their choice.

As a pilot program, STORY WEEK Camp isn’t currently eligible for additional member discounts. That said, it’s important to us that the camp is accessible to everyone. If the cost is a concern, email us at camps@workingonit.info and we’ll explore some options with you.

Give your child a story to tell.

One spring break camp. Lifelong skills. Share the gift of storytelling with your child!