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Paid Membership Program (Annual)

MCLD Membership

Supporting the MCLD as a member means joining a community that supports greater awareness, education, and accessibility around learning disabilities, ADHD and mild ASD.

MCLD Membership Benefits

Discount for Montreal spring conference (event date pending health restrictions)

Exclusive VIP access to speakers

(ex. 30 min after the seminar – depending on speaker availability)
Other Benefits

Updates on upcoming events

Monthly newsletter

Charitable donation tax receipt

Input in the design of future MCLD programs

ex. through surveys, working groups

Register for MCLD Membership

Benefit from exclusive MCLD program discounts, access to the digital library and other exclusive advantages.

Contribution: $30 Annually

Your membership will expire in one year from the date of joining. We will send you a reminder when your membership will expire and will never renew your membership automatically.