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Friends & Feelings: Social Skills Program

Help your child master the art of friendship and handle all of its ups and downs
Learning to Build Lasting Connections

Give Your Child the Keys to Unlock the Magic of Friendship

Connecting with other people and forming healthy relationships are essential parts of a fulfilling life, but for children and teens who have a learning disability, ADHD, or mild ASD, making and maintaining friendships can be a major struggle.

We know that, as a parent, you want your child to laugh, smile, play, and experience the joy of bonding with other kids, and that’s why the Friends & Feelings Social Skills Program is designed to help you teach your child how to share, handle their emotions, lose gracefully, and be a good friend.

Working alongside your child, you’ll practice the skills of cooperative behaviour, negotiation, conflict resolution, and emotion regulation so that they’ll feel confident about meeting new people and making friends.

Teaching from Experience and from the Heart

Your Coach: Linda Aber

As a mother of two adults with ADHD and LD, Linda knows the challenges and heartwarming fulfilment that come from raising children with learning disabilities. Since 1996, Linda has worked with more than 3600 families, and she’s certified as an Attachment Parent Coach, Theraplay® Group Specialist, HeartMath® Anxiety/Anger Reduction Practitioner, and Family Life Educator.

All of that education and experience is funneled into one goal: empowering you with the skills you need to become a positive difference-maker in your child’s life, so that they can reach their full potential as a confident and independent adult.

To register for groups or for more information contact Linda Aber at 514-487-3533
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