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The MCLD Ambassadors Program

Inspiring and educating the community through our journeys with learning disabilities, LDD, and/or ADHD.

Our Ambassadors Tell Stories That Inspire Change

The Ambassadors are a group of people with learning disabilities, and or ADHD, who travel to different locations presenting to various audiences their own unique perspectives about what it is like to have a learning disability, and how each individual managed to overcome the obstacles they faced over time.

Sharing their stories with the community of Greater Montreal the Ambassadors are storytellers and bridge-builders, helping the community recognize the challenges that individuals with learning disabilities or ADHD face when it comes to academics, employment, and relationships.

The Ambassadors provide an introduction to the MCLD for many people who are struggling to find answers and connections and to help them find the help they need. The Ambassadors share their stories and provide inspiration to those they reach, spreading our message of overcoming adversity, perseverance and success.

Life Skills to Help You and Your Child Succeed Together

Empathy and the Power of a Single Story

In 1999, MCLD board member Cindy Blauer heard about “The Ambassadors Project” – a team of high school students that travelled to different schools and helped children understand what life is like with a learning disability.

Believing in the value of personal testimonies, Board members created a group of inspiring people and named them the Ambassadors.

Since then, new Ambassadors of all ages have gradually joined the group, each with their own unique profile. The Ambassadors have overcome a range of learning challenges – dysorthographia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, nonverbal and ADHD with or without hyperactivity. But no matter what challenges they’ve faced, they’re all united by one thing: a passion for sharing their stories and bringing a message of hope and positivity to others.

Stories, Conversation, and Connection

Our Presentations

Each Ambassadors presentation typically involves two or more speakers who will each tell their story of life with a learning disability or ADHD.

Hearing their stories firsthand is incredibly moving – it’s an inside look at the trials and tribulations that have made them who they are today, and they speak from the heart about their experiences with school, work, and even personal relationships. They all have found ways to succeed and share their strategies with humour and truth.

The Ambassadors experience is all about creating honest conversation, which is why questions and comments from the audience are welcomed during the presentation. Our Ambassadors want to build a connection between themselves and the audience that they’re presenting to, and there’s no better way to do that than through active engagement.

What Audiences Say


Hear the Ambassadors at Your Next Event

Let Us Share Our Stories With You

A group of people with learning disabilities and / or ADHD, known as The Ambassadors, travel to different locations presenting to various audiences their own unique perspectives about what it is like to have a learning disability and / or ADHD, and how each individual presenting managed to overcome the obstacles faced over time.

One of the main purposes of this venture is to sensitize audiences to issues related to Learning Disabilities and ADHD. Additionally, we expect that today’s group of Ambassadors will have an opportunity to provide mentorship and training to those who face their own unique challenges related to coping with learning disabilities, thus preparing them to play their role as Ambassadors (and so on, and so on).

The Ambassadors’ message goes beyond ages and industries, capturing the imaginations of audiences ranging from children in elementary schools to members of a governing board. If you’d like the Ambassadors to share their stories with your group, fill out the form below, or get in touch with Cindy Blauer at cindy.blauer@ldmontreal.ca or (514) 898-6997.

Potential Audiences for Ambassador Presentations:
  • Student bodies
  • Students with learning disabilities or AD/HD
  • Teachers at each level of schooling, administrators, school board personnel
  • Parents
  • Community centers, tutoring services
  • Teachers in training
  • Related professionals (includes paediatricians, psychologists, etc.)
  • Human resources / employment
It is our hope that audiences may gain:
  • Enlightenment; acquisition of knowledge about learning disabilities and AD/HD
  • Recognition of the possibilities for success
  • Knowledge in terms of how to compensate for and overcome obstacles
  • Empathy towards students (and other people) with learning disabilities and AD/HD
  • The development of self-advocacy skills
Make A Difference

Become An Ambassador And Share Your Story

The Ambassadors themselves may gain:

Leadership skills, public speaking skills, opportunity to express their emotional experiences, etc., peer support, self-awareness, development of a more positive self-esteem, better understanding of self, self-advocacy skills, development of self-determination, and more! The sky’s the limit.


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