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Recorded on October 27, 2021

How To Hotwire Your ADHD Brain: Get it Started & Keep it Going

Recorded on: October 27, 2021

How To Hotwire Your ADHD Brain: Get it Started & Keep it Going

What’s it about?


  • Understanding the science behind ADHD challenges with activation, motivation, and time management.
  • Applying positive psychology approaches to hack your brain and improve time management.
  • Programming the ADHD brain to improve mood and motivation.
  • Overcoming most procrastination challenges by feeding your addiction to dopamine.
  • Strategies to help.


Who’s the presenter?

Linda Walker

Linda Walker, PCC, works with entrepreneurs, professionals, adults with ADHD, whom she calls Creative Geniuses. Linda has helped adults with ADHD move from chaos and overwhelm to productivity and feeling in control. Her unique approach has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, professionals, and other Creative Geniuses.

Traditional approaches to focus, productivity and organization fall short for adults with ADHD. Linda discovered entrepreneurs and professionals meet common roadblocks. These obstacles leave them struggling and burnt out.

Since 2005, Linda has created programs for Creative Geniuses that address challenges with productivity that combine group coaching, online training, and community. She’s the author of With Time to Spare.

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