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Recorded on April 28, 2022

The Art of Nurturing Freedom, Wonder and Creativity in Children

Recorded on: April 28, 2022

The Art of Nurturing Freedom, Wonder and Creativity in Children

What’s it about?

Session Overview

Come explore a holistic movement approach that engages creatively the whole child, creating body-mind connections and positive social interactions. Using play, creativity, and cooperation, children find meaning in learning as they explore, connect, and act creatively through movement, making sense of their world through their bodies/emotions/senses, building a sound foundation of meaningful movement experiences for deeper engagement in learning.

Play helps children meet their need for autonomy, Creativity helps children meet their need for competence, and Cooperation helps children meet their need for relatedness.

Increased body/emotion awareness, increased confidence, and creativity are some of the benefits of this approach, which ultimately make children feel good and healthy, providing them with creative tools for school.

Come feel the positive benefits of this approach for yourself and your children. Join us and receive concrete ideas, tips, and tools to create a compassionate classroom where children move towards the joy of learning and healthy living.

Who’s the presenter?

Catherine Lesage

Catherine is known for her contagious creativity, enthusiastic leadership, fun, and collaboration. She has created a unique holistic movement model through mindfulness, play, creativity and cooperation. A model based on quality, integrity and learning transferability which promotes well-being and healthy choices while making learning fun. Catherine brings a dedication and warmth to the delivery of all her bilingual programs and her work is devoted to inspire children so they discover their inner wisdom. She is a Teacher, a Yoga Teacher, a PE/Kids/Teens Yoga specialist. a life-long educator, a yogi and a leader in the field of Kids’ Yoga education, a former Lawyer and Ethics Officer. She is also the creative founder of Littlefeet Yoga (www.littlefeetyoga.ca).

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