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FREE Webinar at 8PM EST on April 19, 2023

Give your child
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Does your child seem not to be listening?
Don’t just worry — find out if Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is the cause and what you can do if it is.
  • FREE intro to CAPD for parents + teachers
  • Presented by a certified speech therapist
  • 1-hour presentation + 30-minute Q&A

What’s the webinar about?

Does your child seem slow to process new information? Do they have trouble thinking in loud places or often ask you to repeat yourself?

If that sounds familiar, it might be Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).

It’s a condition that prevents the ears and brain from working well together, making it difficult for a child to understand words and sounds.

Many people don’t know about CAPD — this webinar fixes that, introducing CAPD to parents, teachers, and caregivers in a simple, jargon-free way that explains what it is, what it isn’t, and how to help a child manage it in everyday life.

After this webinar, you’ll understand:

How to spots typical signs of CAPD in a child
How ADD and hearing or language disorders are different from CAPD
How CAPD affects language learning, school life, and everyday activities
How to use science-backed methods to manage CAPD at home and at school

Who’s the presenter?

Stacey Knecht is a Montreal-based speech-language pathologist and instructor at the McGill University School of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

She uses her 20+ years in the field to help parents recognize when intervention is needed and empower them with proven, science-backed strategies to strengthen their child’s speech and language skills at home.

Turn hearing into understanding.

Join the free webinar on April 19th at 8 PM. Get clarity on what your child needs for happier, healthier development.