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Recorded on November 9, 2020

Online Learning During COVID-19: Anna Marczewska Webinar

Recorded on: November 9, 2020

Online Learning During COVID-19: Anna Marczewska Webinar

What’s it about?

What Do You Do When Your Home Suddenly Becomes Your Classroom

Although the webinar is geared towards students, it can be of benefit to parents, teachers, tutors, and others who are in contact with the targeted student population. For most senior high school and post-secondary students, online learning is not something they have chosen, but a necessity imposed on them.

Some students thrive in the online environment; others say that sitting alone in front of a screen all day zaps motivation. Successful online learning depends on two, equally important factors: what teachers bring to the virtual classroom and how well students can adapt to this new situation. Academic success in these challenging times requires a new skill set.

What kind of an online learner are you? Do you have the necessary skills to be successful in your online courses? Are there resources and tips that could be helpful to you?

This webinar will provide students in Secondary 3,4 & 5, Cegep, and university with strategies regarding:

  • Motivation and attention Study skills and organization
  • Physical and emotional well-being
  • Handling group work
  • Social media safety and netiquette

Who’s the presenter?

Anna Marczewska, B.Ed. M.A.

Anna Marczewska, B.Ed. M.A. is a pedagogical counselor at the Academic Skills Centre at Dawson College. She supports students, especially those with second language acquisition difficulties and learning disabilities (often undiagnosed), in their development of self-regulation strategies for learning and writing skills. In her work, she focuses on practical aspects of learning and on the importance of social learning, including peer support.

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