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Recorded on April 25, 2022

Mindfulness: Benefits & Getting Started

Recorded on: April 25, 2022

The Art of Nurturing Freedom, Wonder and Creativity in Children

What’s it about?

Learn about how mindfulness can disrupt the brain’s reptilian mechanism in order to put you in the driver’s seat of your reactions.

Session Overview

  • What is mindfulness, How can it benefit me, and where do I start?
  • Be introduced and led through some practices to help ground you in the day-to-day stresses of life.
  • Learn to feel the contact points in the body, how to perform a body scan, and how to take your own Internal weather report. This workshop is intended for anyone looking for some practical and accessible techniques to help navigate the roller coaster of life.

Who’s the presenter?

Netta Rotstein

Netta Rotstein is a longtime meditator and certified elementary school teacher. She is also a mother, singer, artist, and improv actress. Netta loves children and has worked with them for most of her life, either as a special needs educator, camp counselor, or kids-yoga teacher.

Netta is also a cancer survivor who credits meditation as a guiding force behind her continued recovery. She is most passionate about teaching mindfulness and self-love and acceptance to children.

In 2018 she spearheaded a school-wide mindfulness program in a Montreal school in Cote St-Luc and aspires to continue this work one school at a time through her partnership with Mindspace.

Netta truly believes that self-compassion and kindness are the keys to shifting the climate of society.

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