Positive Parenting Workshops: Enhance respectful, loving parent-youth relationships! Create peaceful, happy homes!

  • Learn a strength-based strength-based parenting approach to foster connective communication, self-esteem & enhance your parent-child/teen relationship.
  • Especially designed for challenging youth living with ADHD, LD, ODD, mild ASD, anxiety & attachment disorders.
  • Unlike traditional methods based solely on behaviour and cognition, this approach is 3- dimensional, adding a heartfelt component which youth immediately respond to.
  • Parents become calm assertive “success mentors” instead of the “dreaded behaviour police.”
  • Transport youth into an entirely different sense of who they are & will become.

Parenting Your Child/Teen with ADHD/LD (for parents of youth ages 5-16)

  • Learn strategies that promote success for you & your youth
  • Targeted skills: a balance of healthy structure & nurturance, positivity & “pizazz”, appreciation & recognition scrips, mindful communication, button pushing strategies, co-regulation, plus homework skills, the importance of the IEP & school accommodations.

Parenting Your Young Adult with ADHD/LD (for parents of youth ages 17 & up)

  • Learn parenting skills that promote success during this very important developmental stage of life.
  • Targeted skills: maintaining your connection, using mindful communication, balancing advocacy & guidance, respecting boundaries (parent & young adult), encouraging autonomy & learning when/how to let go.

HeartMath® Anxiety Reduction (Sessions for Children/Teens & Parents) Explore:

  • What it means to be In-Sync & Out-of-Sync.
  • Your inner weather report.
  • 3 Tools to reduce stress & anxiety in just a few seconds.
  • Practice with12 video-enhanced animated breathing activities.
  • Enhance relationships & decision making.
  • Reduce test anxiety.


To register for groups or for more information contact Linda Aber at 514-487-353


Linda Aber is an Attachment Parent Coach, Theraplay® Group Specialist, HeartMath® Anxiety/Anger Reduction Practitioner, Family Life Educator and mother of two adults with ADHD and LD.

As a consultant for The Montréal Centre for Learning Disabilities (MCLD), Linda designs and facilitates numerous workshops, groups and programs for parents, children, teens, young adults and adults, living with AD/HD, learning disabilities, ODD and mild ASD . Her parent, youth programs utilize elements from Theraplay®, Attachment Parenting and HeartMath® Approaches. Linda has received extensive training with The Theraplay Institute, Dr. Daniel Hughes and Dr. Art Becker Weidman. Since 1996, she has worked with over 150 families a year. She facilitates parent and ADHD adult groups during the week and children/teen social & thinking skills groups on the weekends.

Linda specializes in placing the changing of behaviours directly into the hands of adults who live with and care for youth. Empowerment of parents and teachers is Linda’s passion… she brings out the best in adults, so they can bring out the best in youth. By acquiring specific methods for eliminating youth’s difficult behaviour, parents and teachers develop effective skills, increased self-esteem, and often unimagined success.

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Thank you for teaching us how to parent with a nurturing heart. It is magical, wonderful and so easy to use. We are on the same page in our parenting now and  energize all their successes. The kids love their Walls of Greatness and the change in us. Bless you Linda.

Gina V

Can’t believe how this group has turned me into the parent I always wanted to be. No more yelling, feeling stressed or angry. The nurtured heart vocabulary and understanding how to use my energy make all the difference in the world. I feel so empowered now as a single mom. Everyone parent needs to take your group and learn this method.

Louise W

I’ve seen a tremendous change in my son. Thank you for your social & thinking skills program.  He is now using the skills at school and his teacher called to say she is so pleased with his wonderful improvement. She is using some of your skills in her class.

Mary S

What a complete turnaround Nurtured Heart has made in our lives. We now understand how  traditional parenting methods we used with our 12 yr old ADHD daughter did not work, They only caused more battles and attention seeking behaviour in our home. Using the nurtured heart tools, the yelling, arguing and punishments have ended and we have a more peaceful and happy home. This powerful parenting approach allows us to connect again. Thank you Linda

Alice L

I don’t feel alone anymore-learned tons & tons of new strategies for parenting and all of them are so valuable. Linda is compassionate and dedicated. I learned to tune in to my child’s feelings beneath her behaviour and the importance of nurture & structure.

Randy K

The social & thinking skills we learned in your group are amazing. We have a new vocabulary of feelings, strategies to deal with emotional regulation, and visuals to help us help our children. We learned how to reduce a number 10 problem to a number 2, using your cartoon tools – Less Aburptous Interruptous and Glassman moments. Their teachers are noticing positive changes in the kids and are interested in learning your approach. Every teacher should learn this. Glad you are here for us Linda.

Ian B

My eyes are opened now. I came to you to change my child, but I learned to change myself with new parenting tools, now I see my child is blooming. Thank you

Stella E

What a different way to see my son and  learn new tools to solve problems and change our family dynamics. This is the first time in my life as a mother that I get so many positive and practical strategies and tips. Linda is very empathetic and knowledgable. I recommend this program to all parents, not only for parents with children with ADHD. This program is unique and very, very important.

Lucy C

What success my son and I experienced in your social skills group. He uses a lot of the new skills at home.  So do I, we stopped the yelling and are much closer. So glad you are there to guide us.

Karen T

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