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MCLD 2017 Parent Conference Update

MCLD held its sixth Annual Parent Conference on Sunday, April 23rd, aimed at providing strategies and resources to parents raising children/adolescents with Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Mild ASD.

A team of seven experts in their respective fields offered parenting insights, strategies and tools for home and school. Thank you to Eva de Gosztonyi, Marlene Desjardins, Dr. Abe Worenklein, Patrick Major, Sophie Plourde, Nathalie Dinelle, Deborah Schwartzman, Jillian Budd and Montreal comic Joey Elias for making our conference a success. Conference topics ranged from the alpha child, managing anxiety in youth, parenting teens with ADHD & ODD, executive functions, making sense of sensory difficulties, assistive technology and ended with comedian Joey Elias mixing humor and his personal story of battling anxiety.

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