Lucky Harvest Family Day

This year MCLD was proud to host a special Family Day for our members to kick off the summer. We were pleased to invite ten lucky participants from our programs and their families to take part in a special therapeutic horse riding event.

The Lucky Harvest Project in Hinchinbrooke, Quebec, is the First and Oldest equine-assisted Therapy Centre in Quebec. This whole day event included games as well as a barbecue.

Each participant had a chance to feed, groom and lead their horse before riding them in the indoor arena. Siblings and other family members were also invited to lead and ride the horses and ponies in the outside arena. They even learned a trick or two and a great experience was had by all.

A delicious barbecue and the trimmings was provided by the Board of Lucky Harvest. A big thanks to MCLD Co- President Judy Deere and Lucky Harvest Director Debbie Hanney for arranging this event and for working so hard to make sure everyone had a great day. Thanks to MCLD Co-President Sana Nakhleh for the great photos and MCLD Director Nancy Feddersen for helping out.

A special note goes out to Therapeutic Trainer Louise Lacey who volunteers her time to enhance the equestrian experience for all participants. It is truly a labor of love.

We would also like to thank her team of volunteers : Sara , Sabrina, Sandra and Olivia who are part of a pool of dedicated horse walkers essential to the core of the program.

A big shout out to our AQUA K.I.D.S. coordinators Christopher Simeone and Lisa Campanaro for organizing the games and activities and to AQUA K.I.D.S volunteer Claire Roussel for helping out with our kids.

This was a first time event for both organizations and it was a pleasure to work together with such dedicated teams for the benefit of our kids and their families!

2017 Parent Conference: Tool Box For Success

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Featured Speakers & Topics:

  • The Alpha Children: How to Get Back Into the Lead,– Eva de Gosztonyi M.A.
  • The Ins and Outs of Executive Functions.– Marlene Desjardins Ph.D
  • Parenting Adolescents with ADHD & ODD: Managing the Turbulence & More! – Dr. Abe Worenklein
  • Making Sense of Sensory! Patrick Major, Nathalie Dinelle & Sophie Plourde, Occupational Therapists
  • Managing Anxiety: Practical Tools Parents Need to Know to Help their Child & Teen. – Dr. Deborah Schwartzman
  • Assistive Technology for Children & Teens with Learning Disabilities: Frequently Unanswered Questions.–Jillian Budd M.A.
  • In My Head & Out of My Mind.– Joey Elias, comedian
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2016 Parent Conference: Tool Box For Success

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Featured Speakers & Topics:

  • Restless in a Restless World: Understanding Anxiety in Children – Eva de Gosztonyi M.A.
  • The Impact of Sensory Processing Abilities on the Daily Lives of Children & their Families – Dorothy Notkin, O.T.
  • Dangerous Chemistry: Drugs, Alcohol & Gaming by You r Adolescent or Young Adult – Anna Cegielka, MSW
  • Understanding Assistive Technology: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job! – Andrea Prupas, B.Ed., M.A., M.A. Ct.
  • ADHD & Daily Management for Parents- Dr. Ridha Joober, Psychiatrist at Douglas Hospital
  • Strategies for Building the Language Skills of School Aged Children – Stacey Knecht, Speech Language Pathologist
  • What Does Everybody Else Know That I Don’t?: Understanding ADHD, LD, NVLD & Mild ASD & Interventions to Help Build Social Competence – Elizabeth Shoiry, Neuropsychologist & Linda Aber, Nurtured Heart®, Theraplay® & HeartMath® Practitioner
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2015 Parent Conference: Tool Box For Success

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Featured Speakers & Topics:

  • Becoming a Child Whisperer: Understanding the Challenging Child – Eva de Gosztonyi M.A.
  • Advocating for a Child in the School System – Maureen Hunt
  • Just BREATHE – Addressing Anxiety and Stress! – Melinda Atkinson
  • Study Methods and Organizational Skills- Sharon Klar
  • The Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD) Syndrome: Social Skills and Academic Achievement – Dr. Dave Ellemberg
  • Literacy Support with Google! – Andrea Prupas B.Ed., M.A., M.A. Ct.
  • Nurtured Heart® & Theraplay®: Learn Activities to Ignite Self-Esteem & Your Parent-Child Connection – Linda Aber Certified Nurtured Heart® & Theraplay® Practitioner
  • Personal Stories: Living with ADHD/LD – The MCLD Ambassadors
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