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Webinar with Caroline Erdos | Wednesday, Nov 23 at 8 PM
I’m bilingual – What’s your superpower?
The following questions will be answered: Immersion more than 50 years later – what do we know? What does research evidence tell us about bilingualism in the context of special education needs? How best can we support bilingualism?
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About the presenter

Caroline Erdos, speech-language pathologist, is the professional coordinator of Speech-Language Pathology at Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board where she is also a special education consultant. Additionally, she is an SLP advisor for Speech-Language & Audiology Canada. Previously, she was the Advancing Learning in Differentiation & Inclusion coordinator for the 10 English school boards in Quebec, where she supported resource teachers through various professional development initiatives.

With over 20 years’ experience as an SLP practicing in health and education, her areas of expertise include bi/multilingualism and reading and language disorder. Caroline has lectured at several Canadian universities. She has also been invited to present at numerous conferences across North America and has written and collaborated on several publications.