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2017 Parent Conference: Tool Box For Success

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Featured Speakers & Topics:

  • The Alpha Children: How to Get Back Into the Lead,– Eva de Gosztonyi M.A.
  • The Ins and Outs of Executive Functions.– Marlene Desjardins Ph.D
  • Parenting Adolescents with ADHD & ODD: Managing the Turbulence & More! – Dr. Abe Worenklein
  • Making Sense of Sensory! Patrick Major, Nathalie Dinelle & Sophie Plourde, Occupational Therapists
  • Managing Anxiety: Practical Tools Parents Need to Know to Help their Child & Teen. – Dr. Deborah Schwartzman
  • Assistive Technology for Children & Teens with Learning Disabilities: Frequently Unanswered Questions.–Jillian Budd M.A.
  • In My Head & Out of My Mind.– Joey Elias, comedian
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