HeartMath® Anxiety, Stress & Anger Reduction Groups For Individuals & Family

Now Offered at MCLD by Linda Aber, Certified & Authorized HeartMath® Coach Practitioner
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How Different Would Your Life Be If You & Your Family Members Could Intentionally Shift Yourselves Out of Tension, Anxiety & Anger Into A Relaxed, Clear Minded State In Just 30 Seconds?


Our HeartMath® Program helps youth & adults manage negative emotions plus increase personal balance & resilience in seconds!

Learn a Faster & More Effective Way to Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Negative Emotions Plus Build Emotional Self-Control!

T0GETHER IN SESSIONS, Parents & Youth will learn Evidence-Based Tools & Technology for Emotional Regulation

• Learn & practice specific emotional management techniques to effectively handle stress & challenges both at school & at home.

• Utilize HeartMath® heart rhythm (HRV) biofeedback system designed to facilitate acquisition & internalization of the emotional management skills taught in our program sessions

• HeartMath® HRV gives youth instantaneous feedback of their emotional state & allows them to make changes quickly. They learn to shift from negative to positive emotions in mere seconds!

• Increase focus, mental clarity & energy.

• Establish nurturing coherent communication.

• Improve relationships at home & school.

In 6 weekly sessions HeartMath® training helps youth & adults increase focus, personal balance & resilience!

Contact Linda for more information (514) 487-3533