HeartMath® Anxiety, Stress & Anger Reduction Groups For Individuals & Family

Now Offered at MCLD by Linda Aber, Certified & Authorized HeartMath® Coach Practitioner
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How Different Would Your Life Be If You & Your Family Members Could Intentionally Shift Yourselves Out of Tension, Anxiety & Anger Into A Relaxed, Clear Minded State In Just 30 Seconds?

Our HeartMath® Program helps youth & adults manage negative emotions plus increase personal balance & resilience in seconds!

Learn a Faster & More Effective Way to Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Negative Emotions Plus Build Emotional Self-Control!

T0GETHER IN SESSIONS, Parents & Youth will learn Evidence-Based Tools & Technology for Emotional Regulation

  • Learn & practice specific emotional management techniques to effectively handle stress & challenges both at school & at home.
  • Utilize HeartMath® heart rhythm (HRV) biofeedback system designed to facilitate acquisition & internalization of the emotional management skills taught in our program sessions.
  • HeartMath® HRV gives youth instantaneous feedback of their emotional state & allows them to make changes quickly. They learn to shift from negative to positive emotions in mere seconds!
  • Increase focus, mental clarity & energy.
  • Establish nurturing coherent communication.
  • Improve relationships at home & school.

In 6 weekly sessions HeartMath® training helps youth & adults increase focus, personal balance & resilience!
Contact Linda for more information (514) 487-3533


Linda Aber, C.C.F.E. is a Certified Nurtured Heart® Advanced Trainer, Certified Group Theraplay® Specialist, Canadian Certified Family Life Educator and mother of two adults with ADHD and LD.

As a consultant for The Montréal Centre for Learning Disabilities (MCLD), Linda designs and facilitates numerous workshops, groups and programs for parents, children, teens, young adults and adults, living with AD/HD, learning disabilities, ODD and asperger syndrome . Her parent, youth programs utilize elements from Theraplay®, Attachment Parenting and Nurtured Heart® Approaches. Linda has received extensive training with The Theraplay Institute, Dr. Daniel Hughes, Howard Glasser and Dr. Art

Becker Weidman. Since 1996, she has worked with over 150 families a year. She facilitates parent and ADHD adult groups during the week and children/teen social & thinking skills groups on the weekends.

Linda specializes in placing the changing of behaviours directly into the hands of adults who live with and care for youth. Empowerment of parents and teachers is Linda’s passion… she brings out the best in adults, so they can bring out the best in youth. By acquiring specific methods for eliminating youth’s difficult behaviour, parents and teachers develop effective skills, increased self-esteem, and often unimagined success.


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