Robin Bernstein

Robin Bernstein is a Learning Specialist and Certified ADHD Coach for Youth who teaches students from Kindergarten to University how to learn. Through her company, Brightside Learning, she specializes in working with at-risk youth, youth with learning disabilities and youth with special needs. She is also a member of the LDAQ Montreal Chapter 1 Board of Directors, a columnist for Inspirations Newspaper, and a Content Specialist in the Special Care Counseling Program at RAC Champlain College.  Robin demonstrates the highest standard of excellence when working with students as she provides them with the necessary support and tools for accomplishment, which in turn empowers them and leads them      towards  success.

Dr. Kelly Martin

Dr. K. Martin is a physician in the emergency department and adolescent medicine clinic at the Montreal Children's Hospital.

Linda Aber

Linda Aber is the owner of Tac Tics Resource Services. She designs & faciltates educational programs borrowing from the following approaches: Theraplay, Attachment Parenting and The Nurtured Heart. Linda provides parent coaching, educational / support groups and workshops for parents, youth & families living with ADHD, learning disabilities, special needs, ODD, FASD, Mild ASD , mood and attachment disorders. She also presents workshops for school administrators and teachers promoting Nurtured Heart and Theraplay approaches that enhance student's inner wealth, decrease bullying, anger and aggressive behavior.

Jill Taub

Jill Taub is a first year teacher at Summit School, who also provides individual tutoring to students. She believes that learning should be fun, dynamic and hands-on, so that students can enjoy the learning process and succeed!

Centre Chrysalis

Hye Kam (M. Div.) and Andrea Matheson (M.Ed., B.A.) are the founders of Centre Chrysalis Counselling Centre in the West Island.

Learning Associates of Montreal

The Learning Associates of Montreal is a non-profit centre providing learning assessments, one-on-one tutoring and coaching, as well as an intensive 3-week summer reading program for children with learning disabilities.

Sharing and Learning Together

Since one of our main goals is to disseminate information, we are pleased to present PERSPECTIVES! Each month, you will be able to access articles related to Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Mild ASD , written by various specialists, students and parents from Montreal's English community. Also, by liking our facebook page, you will be able to gain access to the most up to date information, available resources and thoughts of inspiration.